Illuminism is an applied religious philosophy founded by Ramesh Nathan and Master Therion. Illuminism lays out the process and method by which man can reach his highest evolutionary state. This philosophy has existed for thousands of years and is embedded in the religions of the world, albeit in an encoded manner. Illuminism does not reject any religion, but instead decodes the hidden knowledge and path described in all religions.

Yes and no. Yes, there is a connection to the Illuminati by way of the word itself. This means that the word Illuminati is actually the plural form of a person who accepts Illuminism. We, in the Church, call a member of our organization, an Illuminist.

Membership in the Church is FREE. The Church of Illuminism will never charge its members for any classes or events. The Church does sell books, courses, and other items in its store to raise money for its services and activities. People wishing to start on the ladder to evolution, will pay for the 0˚ Aspera Lapis course. This is the only course that anyone will ever pay for as it is a probationary degree meant to gauge the interest of the person in the Church and vice versa. Beyond that degree, there will never be a charge for any subsequent degree.

As of the writing of this (December 21, 2019), we have temples in two countries, that is USA and ENGLAND. in USA we are located in Washington and New York, and in England we are located in Manchester City. we only give the exact block number to initiated members that’s while we have the online forum to initiate members so as to stop the conspiracy .

What are the beliefs of the Church of Illuminism?

For full, detailed information on what the Church teaches, please read our Statement of Faith.